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    Blockchain Data now supports XRP

    New Feature
    New! Crypto APIs 2.0 Blockchain Data now also supports XRP! Through our new endpoints customers can get details on XRP transactions by various parameters, such as `address`, `transactionId`, `PropertyId`, `blockHeight`, `blockHash`, all for both confirmed and unconfirmed transactions.

    The new integrated XRP endpoints include:

    - Get XRP (Ripple) Address Details
    - Get XRP (Ripple) Transaction Details By Transaction ID
    - List XRP (Ripple) Transactions by Address
    - List XRP (Ripple) Transactions By Block Hash
    - Get XRP (Ripple) Block Details By Block Height
    - Get XRP (Ripple) Block Details By Block Hash
    - Get Latest Mined XRP (Ripple) Block