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    New updates to Crypto APIs! 🤩🥳🤘🏼

    New Feature Improvement Announcement

    We have updated some features in our Crypto APIs products! Some bugs have been fixed, endpoints have been improved, and more blockchains have been introduced. 😎

    - We are adding Binance Smart Chain! - currently BSC is available on Testnet only for Blockchain data endpoints, which include Unified, Tokens and Internal Transactions. More from BSC it on its way! 🎉
    - Zcash is now part of the family! - Zcash has been added to Blockchain Data Unified endpoints. More from Zcash coming up! 🎇
    - We now support Tokens and Smart Contracts in ETC! 😍
    - Ethereum Classic now available! - ETC has been added for Mainnet to Blockchain data Tokens and Internal transactions. ETC for Mordor is now available for Blockchain Data Internal endpoints. ✨
    - Endpoints have been tweaked and improved in examples, responses and attributes. 🤗

    New changes you can see in our official Developers Portal. Stay tuned for further updates by following our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages, and of course our official Updates page for Crypto APIs 2.0. 🤓