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    XRP Ledger updates - Crypto APIs now supports x-Addresses! 💕🙌

    Improvement Announcement WaaS
    We now support x-Addresses in WaaS for the XRP Ledger protocol! 🥳

    Now you can use the x-Address Type for XRP Ledger as a destination or source address. The x-Address represents a classic address that is encoded with tag. In WaaS you can use it for the following endpoints:

    - Create Coins Transaction Request from Address
    - Get Transaction Request Details - yes, XRP Ledger support was added! 🤩

    For the purpose and your convenience we have also developed endpoints to simplify both the encoding and decoding of the x-Address:

    - Encode x-Address
    - Decode x-Address

    Stay tuned with our official Updates page to be the first one to see what's new with Crypto APIs 2.0! 😎