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    KMS Updated SDK Version 0.1.5 Released

    Improvement KMS

    We have released a new and improved version of our Open-source Key Management System (KMS)

    You can check it on our GitHub page

    What’s new:

    • The release includes better descriptions of endpoints and functions and better examples. 
    • We have also removed redundant functionality related to blockchain events. 
    • Bug fixes

    What is Crypto APIs KMS?
    The Crypto APIs KMS is a self custody solution for generating and storing of private keys.  It is an open-source Node.js library providing full control over master private keys, master seeds, and mnemonics. It allows you to create HD wallets (xPubs) and sign transactions locally without a network connection (offline).
    The KMS can be used in combination with Crypto APIs product suite for syncing xPub, deriving wallet  addresses, listing wallet addresses, getting fee recommendations, preparing the transaction with the  right data, broadcasting locally signed transactions.