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    BNB Smart Chain (BSC) Hard Fork v1.1.16 Upgrade


    We have updated all of our mainnet and testnet nodes to the latest BNB Smart Chain (BSC) hard-fork upgrades.

    The Mainnet hard-fork upgrade Moran happened at block height 22,107,423 around 9AM UTC on 12th October. The testnet hard-fork upgrade happened at block height 23,603,940 on 11th October.

    The release v1.1.16 is an urgent patch to mitigate the cross-chain infrastructure between Beacon Chain and Smart Chain. This update re-enabled the cross-chain communication and operations. 

    In summary, the changes aim to:

    • fix the vulnerability in the iavl hash check. This will eventually migrate to ICS23 spec.
    • introduce block header in sequence check in CrossChain Contract.
    • make relayer whitelisted to the genesis candidates. There will be further BEPs proposed on how to define the relayer candidates.

    Cross-chain between BNB Beacon Chain and Smart Chain is back to normal. All the funds stuck in cross-chain transfers should either arrive in the target wallets or get refunded back to the source.