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    New API endpoints for TRON and other improvements

    New Feature Improvement

    We’ve added two new blockchain-specific endpoints in our Wallet as a Service that can be used to stake and unfreeze TRX for bandwidth or energy on the TRON network. We’ve also made some changes and improvements to existing endpoints. See the details below: 

    New TRON-specific endpoints:

    • Freeze TRON for Energy Or Bandwidth - Through this endpoint, customers can stake (freeze) the balance of a specific TRX address to obtain bandwidth or energy. The minimum amount for staking is 1 TRX. The account receiving the bandwidth or energy must have an available TRX balance.
    • Unfreeze TRON Energy Or Bandwidth - With this endpoint, customers can unfreeze already staked TRX to receive resources. When unstaking bandwidth or energy, the whole amount for that resource will be released to the specified receiver address. The request for unfreezing TRX can be done 3 days after the staking transaction.

    Improvements to existing endpoints:

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