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    Automatic Tokens Forwarding feature is live for both Omni Layer and ERC20

    New Feature

    One of the most used features in Crypto APIs is Automatic Payment Forwarding, a feature allowing you to move any incoming funds from your hot wallets/addresses to your cold wallet automatically.

    By doing that you don't take care that much about your hot wallets/addresses, you use them mainly to identify who is the sender of the funds, you use Webhook feature for that.

    The feature works for moving funds in all supported protocols but you were not able to move tokens like Omni Layer Tether or ERC20 USDT Token until now!

    In order to move out the deposited ERC20 tokens from your ETH address, you need to have ETH for gas in this address, which makes moving the funds a challenge.

    Crypto APIs now has a new feature called Automatic Tokens Forwarding where our software takes care of absolutely everything and moves your deposited tokens to wherever you want.

    BTC - Omni Layer:

    ETH - ERC20: