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    Crypto APIs introduces WaaS Backup and Recovery 🎉🥳

    New Feature Announcement WaaS

    Did you see our new features from yesterday? 🥳

    Crypto APIs Wallets are upgraded and diversified. Users can now also back them up using our new Open Source Recovery Tool ❗❕🤩

    💰 Set up your Wallet from your Dashboard by choosing the exact type you need - Hosted, Shared or Custom
    ✔ Choose when to back up - during the Wallet's creation or after
    🔑 Back up your Wallet easily and securely with an RSA key pair
    💻 Generate your unique RSA key pair by using our Open Source Recovery Tool, available for Windows, MacOS and Linux
    👍🏻 Use our Open Source Recovery Tool to both back up and later - recover your Wallet

    You can see our official Guide on the Open Source Recovery Tool and WaaS Backup process for more information. 🤓

    Still don't have a Crypto APIs Wallet? No worries! Create yours from our Dashboard and back it up easily and securely. 😉