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    New endpoints, event type and improvements

    New Feature Improvement

    We are pleased to announce the launch of more new endpoints for interacting with blockchain protocols and getting notified for anything that happens on-chain.

    Here is what’s new:

    Wallet as a Service: Create New Master Wallet

    Through this endpoint customers can easily create a new Master Wallet through the API. The user provides the desired Wallet name and in return the response includes the walletId. 

    When creating a wallet, the customer can select whether to create a Testnet or Mainnet wallet. That new Wallet can be additionally also backed up through the Crypto APIs Dashboard. 

    Improvement: XRP has been as a possible value to endpoint "Create Coins Transaction From Address for Whole Amount"

    Blockchain Webhooks: New Reverted Block

    We are introducing a new event for reverted blocks. By subscribing to this event, customers will receive callbacks from Crypto APIs every time when a block is reverted on a specific blockchain. Reorganization can happen in cases when two blocks are mined at the same time and the nodes cannot agree on which one was first. This occurs as part of the chain reorganization process.

    The endpoint works for Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and BNB Smart Chain (testnet).

    Stay tuned fore more updates!

    The Crypto APIs Team