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    New blockchains supported, KMS updates, New API versioning & improvements

    New Feature Improvement Announcement KMS

    What`s New?

    Two new blockchain networks have been added to our infrastructure and we are now supporting

    • Tezos blockchain
    • Stellar blockchain

    We released a new API versioning allowing generation of new endpoints. Find more details on Crypto APIs API versioning here 

    We also upgraded our KMS to version 0.7.2 with improvements in Zcash generate address functionalities

    Technical documentation updates

    • We have removed Ziliqa from the Technical Documentation section¬†


    • Minor issues and bugs are now fixed and new changes are introduced across the following:
    • Token Transfers By Transaction Hash
    • Confirmed Tokens Transfers By Address
    • Unconfirmed Tokens Transfers By Address
    • Tokens By Address
    • Token Details By Contract Address
    • Confirmed Tokens Transfers By Address And Time Range

    We`ve also added new blockchain events improvements