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    Service Optimization Updates & Release Of Two New Endpoints For HD Wallets

    New Feature Improvement Announcement KMS

    We are releasing several improvements, affecting the “Get Transaction Details By Transaction ID” and “List Tokens Transfers By Transaction Hash” endpoints. In addition, two new endpoints “List Synced HD Wallets” and “Activate HD Wallets” have been introduced and are now available for integration as part of our blockchain suite.  

    Get Transaction Details By Transaction ID

    As part of our planned upgrades we have added to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) protocol a “Transaction Status”. Customers can now obtain data about transactions that occurred on the protocol, and more specifically get information on their transaction unique identifiers.   

    List Tokens Transfers By Transaction Hash

    Through this endpoint, our customers can receive data about transactions, including details on whether transactions are validated on the blockchain. Our update added the “Token ID” attribute to the endpoint, allowing receiving information for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) about their unique identifier code 

    List Synced HD Wallets - new endpoint :new:

    This endpoint allows our customеrs to list all of their synced wallets and delete them. Via pagination getting up to 50th results in a single page.

    Activate HD Wallet - new endpoint :new:

    Customers can choose to initiate a one-off synchronization for their HD wallet in case of payment delays or subscription plan downgrades due to insufficient payments. Upon re-subscribing to our services the new endpoint will allow to re-activate synchronization for their hierarchical deterministic wallet(s).