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    New product coming up soon - Wallet-as-a-Service! 👛🛡️🥇😎🤩

    New Feature Coming Soon

    In a recent blog post we mentioned a new upcoming product that we are developing for Crypto APIs 2.0 - Wallet-as-a-Service. 👛💰 

    Soon Crypto APIs 2.0 customers will be able to use our WaaS, enhanced with Multi-Party Computation (MPC) 💻🧮💻, Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS) 📝, Governance Layer 🔧🔔, Multi-Cloud nodes ☁️🌐, third-party security 🛡️🔒, key recovery service 🔑, and much more! Specifically designed to keep your assets safe and make risk-free transactions. 🥇

    Keep up with our Updates page, Social Media channels and website to find out when Crypto APIs 2.0 WaaS will become live. ☝🏻👍🏽🙌🏿