Snapshot by symbol

Now you can get a current Order Book snapshot of an asset pair in a given exchange. The snapshots are taken every 1 second.

Check it out in our documentation:

Ethereum Classic is now supported by Crypto APIs

We are excited to announce that we have added a new blockchain protocol to our APIs. Check out the documentation here:

Both testnet and mainnet are supported

Crypto APIs node.js library 2.0.0 is live

We have improved Crypto APIs node.js library and now a new version 2.0.0 is live. You can check it here:

node.js #cryptoapis #library #sdk

Get internal transactions details in Ethereum

You can get the internal transactions details in Ethereum now using Crypto APIs. Here you can find the endpoint:

The new feature is included in the Free plan as well.

Meta data could be added to transactions now

We have added a new optional feature to creating transactions endpoint, it allows you to include meta data (string) into the transaction.

  • The feature is supported by Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Dash.
  • Doge doesn't support this feature.

Transaction Replacement in Bitcoin is supported now

We have improved creating transactions endpoint for BTC by adding a new parameter "replaceable". It's required if you want to allow the transaction to be replaced by a transaction with higher fee (e.g. if you set a low fee and miners are not picking the transaction up for a long period of time).

  • By default replaceable is set to false.
  • This feature is supported by BTC only.

Creating Transactions endpoint:



Assets and Exchanges have logos now

We have added logos to the Assets and the Exchanges endpoints in Crypto Market Data. The idea is to save one more headache for our clients, most of the logos are SVG and they will be provided as base64. They will not be loaded from our domain.




Dash is now fully supported by Crypto APIs

We are glad to announce that Dash is fully supported by Crypto APIs now, here you can check the documentation:

As usual, We support both testnet and mainnet.



Blockchain as a service



Doge mainnet is live and data integrity check was performed

We would like to inform you that Doge mainnet is fully synced and a data integrity check was performed successfully.

You can start integrating it here:



Blockchain as a service



[IMPORTANT] Maintenance announcement - 10.07.2019

We would like to announce that Crypto APIs is going to be under maintenance for 1 hour tomorrow 19.07.2019 starting from 12:00 UTC Time till 13:00 UTC Time.