New endpoints to get OHLCV (Open, High, Low, Close, Volume) by Exchange ID and Asset ID

Webhooks statistics in Dashboard

Crypto APIs clients can now check all their Webhooks and see all notifications for one Webhook in the Dashboard. In addition there is a search functionality to search by address.

Check it out here:

Exchange Rates are calculated once per minute now

We were calculating exchange rates once per 5 minutes, we have optimized our service and now we are calculating them once per minute. The change is valid for new data only, the historical data will stay as before.

Check out our Exchange Rates APIs:

New Feature: Get Token Total Supply And Decimals

We have added a new feature that allows you to see the Token Total Supply And Decimals for a given contract address.

Learn more about it in our documentation:

Omni Layer is now supported

We are excited to announce that we have added Omni Layer to our APIs.

To find out all the supported endpoints check out the documentation:

New endpoint: Refund Transaction

We have just released an exciting update. The Refund Transaction Endpoint allows you send money back to the sending address from one single endpoint.

Check it out in our documentation:

Ethereum Classic added to NodeJS Library

Ethereum Classic has now been added to the NodeJS Library.

You can find it here:

Get balance for HD wallets

Now you can get information about all the addresses in an HD wallet, their balances and the total balance of the HD wallet.

To find out more, check our documentation:

Change nonce for tokens

Now you can change the nonce for tokens.

The nonce represents the transactions count for the specified from address. If not specified, the system will automatically calculate the correct nonce.

You can find out more in our documentation:

List all Webhooks Endpoint

New endpoint: now you can list all the Webhooks you have created.

Check it out here: