New Dashboard Design

Crypto APIs has refreshed the design of the dashboard, to make navigation more intuitive and pleasing to the eye.

We have now grouped product features to help developers find exactly what they need. You will be able to see our new additions like Faucet or Tokens Forwarding, where a green "new" label indicates, we have added them recently.

Colors of the menu and buttons now match precisely our corporate colors and make the transition from the landing page to the dashboard smoother.

Automatic Tokens Forwarding feature is live for both Omni Layer and ERC20

One of the most used features in Crypto APIs is Automatic Payment Forwarding, a feature allowing you to move any incoming funds from your hot wallets/addresses to your cold wallet automatically.

By doing that you don't take care that much about your hot wallets/addresses, you use them mainly to identify who is the sender of the funds, you use Webhook feature for that.

The feature works for moving funds in all supported protocols but you were not able to move tokens like Omni Layer Tether or ERC20 USDT Token until now!

In order to move out the deposited ERC20 tokens from your ETH address, you need to have ETH for gas in this address, which makes moving the funds a challenge.

Crypto APIs now has a new feature called Automatic Tokens Forwarding where our software takes care of absolutely everything and moves your deposited tokens to wherever you want.

BTC - Omni Layer:

ETH - ERC20:

Crypto APIs Faucet is live now

Developers need free test coins in order to test their code in testnet before switching to mainnet, unfortunately this is a challenge and most of live faucet websites are not that stable.

Our team created a new section in Crypto APIs Dashboard where developers can get a certain amount of test coins to accomplish their tests, we support:

  • Bitcoin Testnet
  • Ethereum Ropsten
  • Ethereum Rinkeby
  • Litecoin Testnet
  • Bitcoin Cash Testnet
  • Dash Testnet
  • Doge Testnet
  • Ethereum Classic Mordor
  • Zilliqa Testnet

In case you need any test coins, you can get here:

Block Explorer supports xPub, yPub and zPub search now

You can search transactions of any xPub, yPun or zPub now using Block Explorer One! Here you can check this feature for Bitcoin:

The feature is available for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash and Doge right now.

Exchange Rate support for XAF, XAG, XAU, XCD, XDR, XOF, XPF

As you may know, Crypto APIs' market data support most of coins and tokens on the market, in addition we support +160 FIAT currencies.

Today we have added support for:

  • XAF CFA Franc BEAC
  • XAG Silver (troy ounce)
  • XAU Gold (troy ounce)
  • XCD East Caribbean Dollar
  • XDR Special Drawing Rights
  • XPF CFP Franc

Example: You can make such API call to get the IMF special draw rights(XDR) in ETH or BTC or any other cryptocurrency.

Change Credit Card feature is live now

You can now add more than one Credit Card in your Dashboard, you can also change your Credit Card by adding a new one and mark it as default.

Here you can access Credit Card management page: Only Owners can access this page.

New Endpoint: Get basic transaction details

In addition to the endpoint we have for giving all details about a transaction, we have created a new endpoint which gives only the most important information about one transactions like: amount, fee, senders, receivers.

Get Transaction Details:

Get Basic Transaction Details:

New Endpoint: Get basic information about address transactions

In addition to the 2 endpoints we have for address confirmed & not confirmed transactions where we have the whole information about every transaction, we have created a new one which gives only the basic information like from, to, amount, fee.

Get Basic Transactions By Address:

Get Confirmed Transactions By Address:

Get Unconfirmed Transactions By Address: exchange is supported now in market data

Market Data APIs added the support of

In case you want to see all supported exchanges please use this endpoint:

In case you need an exchange and we don't support it, please contact our team and we will integrate it with higher priority.

New Endpoint: Payment Forwarding for any wallet/address

Crypto APIs allowed payment forwarding feature for HD wallets only, now you can use payment forwarding feature no matter if the wallet is HD or not and no matter if it's generated using Crypto APIs or not.

The new feature is already live for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Doge and Dash. Example: