BCH is fully synced and data integrity check was performed

We would like to announce that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is fully synced and stored in our databases, a data integrity check was performed successfully.

Crypto APIs .NET Library with Unit Tests is live

We are glad to announce that the .NET (C#) library for Crypto APIs is live now. It includes Unit Tests and all current endpoints (+350).

Here you can check it: https://github.com/Crypto-APIs?tab=repositories

Changes in Meta data charging

As you may know, we count every 50 results as one request when the result is a list of data. This is not valid for Meta data any more. Now we count 1 request only no matter how big is the list of data.

Here you can check the Metadata: https://docs.cryptoapis.io/#metadata

New Webhook "Transaction Confirmations" Type is live!

We have added a new event type in all Webhooks, it's called Transaction confirmations. When you subscribe for this Webhook, you should mention the address and the maximum confirmations (ex: 6 confirmations for BTC. Crypto APIs will notify you 6 times).


Dogecoin is supported by Crypto APIs now!

We are glad to announce that Dogecoin is one of the supported Blockchain protocols in Crypto APIs now, you can integrate it and test using the test net, here is the API documentation: https://docs.cryptoapis.io/#doge

Creating transactions using HD Wallets

Creating transactions using HD Wallets for Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is now possible using Crypto APIs, the endpoints are tested and live, here you can find them:

BTC: https://docs.cryptoapis.io/?http#btc-transactions-hdwallet-transactions LTC: https://docs.cryptoapis.io/?http#ltc-transactions-hdwallet-transactions BCH: https://docs.cryptoapis.io/?http#bch-transactions-hdwallet-transactions

Transactions Fees Information and Recommendation endpoint is live

We have created a new endpoint to give more information about the transaction fees like the lowest fee price, highest fee price, recommended fee, etc.

The feature is live for ETH, BTC, BCH and LTC.

Crypto APIs is conducting a Token Sale and IEO!

Crypto APIs is conducting a Token Sale and IEO.

Read the Whitepaper: https://cryptoapis.io/docs/CryptoAPIsWhitePaper.pdf?ver=1.0 or Participate: https://tge.cryptoapis.io/register/

Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin are now supported in our Node.js library

We have released a new version of our Node.js library, we fixed few minor issues and added support for Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. You can check it out here: https://www.npmjs.com/package/cryptoapis.io

"QTM" is fixed in Yobit Exchange

"QTM" in Yobit refers to QAU https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/qtum/, It's fixed.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely CryptoAPIs will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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