New Endpoint: Get basic transaction details

In addition to the endpoint we have for giving all details about a transaction, we have created a new endpoint which gives only the most important information about one transactions like: amount, fee, senders, receivers.

Get Transaction Details:

Get Basic Transaction Details:

New Endpoint: Get basic information about address transactions

In addition to the 2 endpoints we have for address confirmed & not confirmed transactions where we have the whole information about every transaction, we have created a new one which gives only the basic information like from, to, amount, fee.

Get Basic Transactions By Address:

Get Confirmed Transactions By Address:

Get Unconfirmed Transactions By Address: exchange is supported now in market data

Market Data APIs added the support of

In case you want to see all supported exchanges please use this endpoint:

In case you need an exchange and we don't support it, please contact our team and we will integrate it with higher priority.

New Endpoint: Payment Forwarding for any wallet/address

Crypto APIs allowed payment forwarding feature for HD wallets only, now you can use payment forwarding feature no matter if the wallet is HD or not and no matter if it's generated using Crypto APIs or not.

The new feature is already live for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Doge and Dash. Example:

ETC Morden is not supported any more, instead of it Mordor is live

Crypto APIs is going to stop supporting ETC Morden network and will start supporting Mordor instead of it. The main reason is that Morden has no active miners at all long time ago.

New Blockchain: Zilliqa is added to Block Explorer One

Block Explorer One is now supporting Zilliqa mainnet. You can check it out here:

Get Balance for HD wallet address endpoint is optimized

Get balance of HD wallet was slow and heavy when you have a lot of addresses in your HD wallet, we did some optimizations already and the endpoint is returning the results much faster now.

Complex orders for Kraken were added to Trading APIs

You can now place stop-loss together with take-profit using Trading APIs, the feature is supported by Kraken only and that's why it's available only for Kraken.

You can now register/login using GitHub, Google and LinkedIn

GitHub, Google and LinkedIn direct registration/login was implemented in Crypto APIs dashboard.

2 factor authentication is added to Crypto APIs dashboard

You can activate 2 factor authentication in your dashboard, it's highly recommended to make your account safe and secure.