HD Wallet transaction size in bytes

In case you are using HD wallets and you wonder what fee to set, you can now use this endpoint:


The value you get is the size in bytes, to define the fee you would need to multiply it by "minfeeperbyte", "averagefeeperbyte" or "maxfeeper_byte" from our transaction fee endpoint:


Get unconfirmed transactions by address endpoint

You can get now all unconfirmed transactions by address, here is the endpoint:


In case you need the confirmed transactions by address, here is the already existing endpoint:


txn-mempool-conflict (code 18) issue is fixed

Many customers got this error using our APIs or with their own node. It happens if you try to broadcast a second transaction and the first one is still not mined, which means it doesn't allow you to create more than one transaction from same address in the same block.

Now this issue is solved and you can create as much as you want transactions from same address in the same block.

This is valid for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and Doge.

Get Token Transactions By Address supports now: filter by type, index and limit

You can now filter by token type and use index and limit for the results in Token Transactions endpoint.


HD Wallet sending transactions automatically

In case you want to send a transaction from HD wallet and the first address has not enough funds, the system will try to find the best match to collect the needed value and execute the transaction.

Ethereum classic hard fork (agharta ) is live!

ETC Agharta hard fork is done, all Crypto APIs nodes were upgraded successfully.

"Muir Glacier" Ethereum hard fork is live!

Any application using own Ethereum node would stop working if the hard fork is not applied. Using Crypto APIs gives you a huge relief as you will never take care of updates, patches, forks etc. All is taken care by our team.

Crypto APIs Node.js SDK has a new version

Crypto APIs Node.js SDK was updated, here you can get the latest version:


Crypto APIs PHP SDK has a new version

Our PHP SDK was updated, all new endpoints and new features were added.

https://packagist.org/packages/cryptoapis.io/php-sdk#1.0.3 https://github.com/Crypto-APIs/PHP-Library

Webhooks for Omni Layer tokens including Tether is live

You can monitor any Omni Layer token including Tether without the need to setup your own node and implement Omni Layer.

Crypto APIs support 3 types of Webhooks for both Omni Layer networks (testnet and mainnet).

Here you can read more information: https://docs.cryptoapis.io/rest-apis/blockchain-as-a-service-apis/btc/index#webhook-types