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  • New prepare transaction endpoint and more updates

    New Feature Improvement KMS

    Here is what's new in our latest release:

    New endpoint: Prepare Transaction From Address

    Through this endpoint customers can prepare a transaction from an address with private and public keys. The address doesn’t have to belong to a wallet. The response will include the transaction fee in Wei. The API is part of Blockchain Tools.


    The endpoint Prepare An Account Based Transaction From HD Wallet has been renamed to Prepare A Transaction From an Address in HD Wallet (xPub, yPub, zPub) to more correctly reflect its purpose. 

    We’ve also updated our Node.js SDK and our Key Management System on GitHub.

    Please update your libraries if you’ve used this endpoint.

    The Crypto APIs Team

  • KMS Update v0.3.0

    Improvement KMS

    We’ve updated our open-source Key Management System (KMS) to add support for more blockchains and make some improvements. 

    We’ve added as possible values Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Zcash to the Prepare A UTXO-Based Transaction From HD Wallet (xPub, yPub, zPub) endpoint that can be used with the KMS.

    Ethereum Classic is now supported in the Prepare An Account-Based Transaction From HD Wallet (xPub, yPub, zPub) API.

    We’ve also made some small improvements and added a MIT License (MIT) that outlines the permissions of use. 

    If you’ve already implemented the KMS, you’ll need to upgrade the SDK to the latest version. Check it out on GitHub.

  • KMS Updated SDK Version 0.1.5 Released

    Improvement KMS

    We have released a new and improved version of our Open-source Key Management System (KMS)

    You can check it on our GitHub page

    What’s new:

    • The release includes better descriptions of endpoints and functions and better examples. 
    • We have also removed redundant functionality related to blockchain events. 
    • Bug fixes

    What is Crypto APIs KMS?
    The Crypto APIs KMS is a self custody solution for generating and storing of private keys.  It is an open-source Node.js library providing full control over master private keys, master seeds, and mnemonics. It allows you to create HD wallets (xPubs) and sign transactions locally without a network connection (offline).
    The KMS can be used in combination with Crypto APIs product suite for syncing xPub, deriving wallet  addresses, listing wallet addresses, getting fee recommendations, preparing the transaction with the  right data, broadcasting locally signed transactions. 

  • Open-source Key Management System (KMS) as part of Crypto APIs 🥳

    New Feature Announcement KMS
    Open-source Key Management System (KMS) is now a part of Crypto APIs! 😎

    As a Node.js SDK library it allows businesses and organizations to have full control of master private keys, master seeds, and mnemonics.

    Check it out on GitHub! 🤓

    For more information view our dedicated KMS website page. 👌

    Stay tuned with our official Updates page and Social media to be the first one to see what's new with Crypto APIs. 😉