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  • Global Issue with BSC network gas fees


    Reported on Wednesday, March 27th, a global issue impacting all users of the Binance Smart Chain protocol was identified. Some users encountered and may continue to encounter failed transactions while attempting to send Binance Smart Chain BNB or BEP20 tokens. 

    The problem with the BSC network arises from all global node elastic pools reverting fees lower than the minimum required, leading to the error message: "-32000: transaction underpriced: tip needed 3000000000, tip permitted...". BSCScan, the primary block explorer for the BSC network also displays wrong gas values оn the different priority transaction options as a result of the issue, which can be seen below:

    Although the issue remains unresolved globally, Crypto APIs have identified a solution, ensuring uninterrupted usage of the BSC network for our users. If you encounter any difficulties, kindly reach out to our support team at [email protected] for assistance.

  • Sepolia Testnet Is Now Supported


    The Ethereum Sepolia Testnet has been integrated into the Crypto APIs suite as a supported network. This integration was finalized on Thursday, March 7th, 2024, and Sepolia is now available across all of our services.

    What happens with Ethereum Goerli?
    We would like to inform our users that Ethereum Goerli has been replaced by the Sepolia testnet and will no longer be supported. This decision aligns with the official announcement stating that the Goerli network will be deprecated in April 2024.

  • Restarting Node As A Service (NaaS)

    New Feature Announcement

    After a long pause, the Node As A Service (NaaS) has been relaunched on Wednesday, 17th January 2024. This service is now open to the public as an integral component of Crypto APIs services.

    New Blockchains Added:

    All previously integrated blockchain networks are supported. In addition, our latest additions of integrated chains to NaaS are including Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Solana, Fantom, Near and Filecoin. 

    Shared Nodes Only:

    Our service currently empowers customers with the advantages of shared nodes, ensuring a seamless and enhanced experience. We are offering a new level of performance through the availability of our shared node capabilities. Dedicated nodes are also available per individual request. 

  • Service Optimization Updates & Release Of Two New Endpoints For HD Wallets

    New Feature Improvement Announcement KMS

    We are releasing several improvements, affecting the “Get Transaction Details By Transaction ID” and “List Tokens Transfers By Transaction Hash” endpoints. In addition, two new endpoints “List Synced HD Wallets” and “Activate HD Wallets” have been introduced and are now available for integration as part of our blockchain suite.  

    Get Transaction Details By Transaction ID

    As part of our planned upgrades we have added to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) protocol a “Transaction Status”. Customers can now obtain data about transactions that occurred on the protocol, and more specifically get information on their transaction unique identifiers.   

    List Tokens Transfers By Transaction Hash

    Through this endpoint, our customers can receive data about transactions, including details on whether transactions are validated on the blockchain. Our update added the “Token ID” attribute to the endpoint, allowing receiving information for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) about their unique identifier code 

    List Synced HD Wallets - new endpoint :new:

    This endpoint allows our customеrs to list all of their synced wallets and delete them. Via pagination getting up to 50th results in a single page.

    Activate HD Wallet - new endpoint :new:

    Customers can choose to initiate a one-off synchronization for their HD wallet in case of payment delays or subscription plan downgrades due to insufficient payments. Upon re-subscribing to our services the new endpoint will allow to re-activate synchronization for their hierarchical deterministic wallet(s).

  • New Endpoint Is Added To Crypto APIs


    A new endpoint has been added to Crypto APIs along with new added attributes for Ethereum. Please see below for further information:

    "signatureData": {

                        "functionSignature": "_SIMONdotBlack_(int8[]. int224[])",

                        "method": "_SIMONdotBlack_",

                        "signature": "0x095ea7b3"

    Check this space regularly to receive all updates that have been implemented and released by Crypto APIs.

  • Live BSC Mainnet Data Added To Endpoints

    Improvement Announcement

    Live data on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) mainnet has been successfully integrated and is now live and accessible through the following endpoints:

  • Synced HD wallet addresses, Tron added to endpoints & Security updates

    Improvement Announcement

    Synced HD wallet addresses, Tron added to endpoints & Security updates

    We have listed synced addresses with possible value being synced with Sync New HD wallets. The added possible values are:

    bitcoin bitcoin-cash litecoin dogecoin dash ethereum zcash ethereum-classic binance-smart-chain xrp tron

    Tron Mainnet & Tron Nile
    We have also added Tron mainnet and Tron Nile testnet to the following endpoints:

    • Get Transaction Details By Transaction ID

    • List Tokens Transfers By Transaction Hash

    Security Updates

    A security patch update automatically blocks IPs from unauthorized sources when invalid requests from the same IP address are received in a period exceeding 24 hours.

  • New blockchains supported, KMS updates, New API versioning & improvements

    New Feature Improvement Announcement KMS

    What`s New?

    Two new blockchain networks have been added to our infrastructure and we are now supporting

    • Tezos blockchain
    • Stellar blockchain

    We released a new API versioning allowing generation of new endpoints. Find more details on Crypto APIs API versioning here 

    We also upgraded our KMS to version 0.7.2 with improvements in Zcash generate address functionalities

    Technical documentation updates

    • We have removed Ziliqa from the Technical Documentation section 


    • Minor issues and bugs are now fixed and new changes are introduced across the following:
    • Token Transfers By Transaction Hash
    • Confirmed Tokens Transfers By Address
    • Unconfirmed Tokens Transfers By Address
    • Tokens By Address
    • Token Details By Contract Address
    • Confirmed Tokens Transfers By Address And Time Range

    We`ve also added new blockchain events improvements 

  • KMS Version Upgrade

    Improvement Fix KMS

    We have upgraded our KMS version to version 0.7.2.
    In the latest version we have removed issues associated with Zcash.
    All minor issues reported have been resolved.

  • Tezos Blockchain Is Now Supported

    New Feature Announcement

    What`s new?

    In summary, we added Tezos mainnet and ghostnet to blockchain data, with changes made to the following:

    Removed endpoints

    • New Confirmed Coins Transactions For Specific Amount
    • New Confirmed Token Transactions For Specific Amount
    • New Confirmed Internal Transactions For Specific Amount

    Tezos has been added to

    • - delete blockchain event