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  • More security for your account! 👮‍♂️🔒

    Improvement Announcement

    Another security layer for your Crypto APIs account is now a fact. 🤩

    A new update in our system makes sure to send emails to account owners each time there is a successful login for their account, and moreover - if there has been a failed login attempt, too. 😎

    Now you can take a breather and relax knowing that you will always be notified for your account logins. In the email notifications we return data such as the time, IP, country and location when the login attempt happened. 🤓

    If you ever doubt the logins you see happening to your account, we recommend activating Two-Factor Authentication and changing your password. 👍

  • More Callbacks for WaaS ↩😮❗

    Improvement WaaS

    Now you can receive various Callbacks when using our Wallet as a Service endpoints. 👨‍🔧

    Now you can make sure you are properly informed of your transaction's processes and statuses. Set up the Callback functionality and get notified by Crypto APIs for:

    • every approval and/or rejection for one and the same transaction request;
    • approved transaction is broadcasted;
    • approved transaction is mined;
    • approved transactions has failed (for some reason).

    See our Developers Page here and expect more updates on Crypto APIs products here. 🙃🤓

  • Zilliqa is up to date! 🎉

    Multiple Blockchains are supported by Crypto APIs and one of them is precisely Zilliqa! And we have just successfully updated Zilliqa's Mainnet Node to version 8.0.4! 🤩

    We take care of version maintenance and are always up to date, so that our customers have a great experience when using Crypto APIs, without any headaches. 😎

  • 99% Speed Check 🤩⚡💪🏻


    It has not been that long just yet but Version 2.0, our APIs and new website have already proven an average execution time of 25 milliseconds! 😱 The new Crypto APIs 2.0 website alone has a 9️⃣9️⃣% speed check according to Google ‼  

    Don't mind us, we're just bragging. 🧐😁 If you like what you read, though, you can always visit us at 🤗

  • Payment Forwarding for ETH is optimized

    Improvement Announcement

    ETH Payments Forwarding was optimized successfully. We had issues because of the huge number of forwarding we do.
    After the done optimization, we could process hundreds of thousands of forwarding per day without any delay.

  • Send a transaction in HD wallets is fixed

    Improvement Fix

    Sending transactions in HD wallets was not selecting the UTXOs properly.
    This issue is fixed now and you can rely on our HD wallet and send transaction endpoint to avoid building the transaction, checking UTXOs, etc.

  • "everyConfirmation" is added to Webhooks


    Now you can set the new optional parameter  "everyConfirmation" to true, this means you want to get a callback for every confirmation, of course these callbacks stop when they reach "confirmations".

  • "originalAddress" is added to the response of Webhook in case of different addresses (BCH legacy)


    As you may know BCH has legacy addresses and new format which starts with "bitcoincash:"
    In Crypto APIs, we support both in all endpoints but when you subscribe for a webhook for a legacy address and there is a transaction for the same address but with the new format we didn't send you a callback.

    Now, we send you a callback for such transactions as well and to avoid any confusing on your side we send the "originalAddress" in the response.

    Here you can see all details:

  • Add allowDuplicate optional parameter in webhooks creation


    You can't create the same webhook more than once now, in order to create exactly the same webhook event you need to set the optional parameter "allowDuplicate" to true, this will allow you to add as much as you want the same webhook event.

  • The balance of tokens is added to Get Tokens by Address endpoint


    You can get all tokens by address in ETH using our endpoint:

    In addition to contract, token, symbol and type we return now the balance as well.