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  • "Add Tokens To Existing fromAddress" is live

    New Feature Announcement

    Now you can add Automatic Tokens forwardings from another token to an already existing `fromAddress` with our new endpoint. Use the `fromAddress` as a deposit address where any funds received by it will be automatically forwarded to a `toAddress`. A `minimumTransferAmount` will trigger the forwarding when reached. Moreover, define how quickly to move the tokens once they are received with the `feePriority` parameter.

    "Add Tokens To Existing fromAddress" endpoint is now live! 🎉✨

  • Guides now available on main website!

    New Feature Announcement
    A new help section is now available on the Crypto APIs 2.0 website!

    Customers can now visit our new Guides section to find useful articles on how to use the various functionalities of the V2 products. 😍

    Our Guides are still new and under development, and more will be regularly uploaded!

  • Blockchain Data now supports XRP

    New Feature
    New! Crypto APIs 2.0 Blockchain Data now also supports XRP! Through our new endpoints customers can get details on XRP transactions by various parameters, such as `address`, `transactionId`, `PropertyId`, `blockHeight`, `blockHash`, all for both confirmed and unconfirmed transactions.

    The new integrated XRP endpoints include:

    - Get XRP (Ripple) Address Details
    - Get XRP (Ripple) Transaction Details By Transaction ID
    - List XRP (Ripple) Transactions by Address
    - List XRP (Ripple) Transactions By Block Hash
    - Get XRP (Ripple) Block Details By Block Height
    - Get XRP (Ripple) Block Details By Block Hash
    - Get Latest Mined XRP (Ripple) Block

  • Blockchain Data now supports Omni Layer

    New Feature Announcement
    New! Crypto APIs 2.0 Blockchain Data now also supports Omni Layer! Obtain information for Omni transactions by various parameters, such as: `address`, `transactionId`, `propertyId`, `blockHeight`, `blockHash`, all for both confirmed and unconfirmed transactions.

    You can use any of the following new endpoints for Omni layer :

    - List Omni Tokens By Address
    - List Omni Transactions By Address
    - List Unconfirmed Omni Transactions By Address
    - Get Unconfirmed Omni Transaction By Transaction ID (Txid)
    - List Unconfirmed Omni Transactions By Property ID
    - Get Omni Transaction Details By Transaction ID (Txid)
    - List Omni Transactions By Block Height
    - List Omni Transactions By Block Hash

    This adds to our Omni layer support which also covers Blockchain Automations Tokens Forwardings and Blockchain Events Callback subscriptions.

  • Crypto APIs 2.0 is almost here!

    New Feature Announcement

    We are happy to announce that we have finished the stress tests on Crypto APIs 2.0, and the results are amazing.
    We have achieved a 25 ms response time for 10,000 requests per second, which is a huge success comparing with current APIs on the market.

    Crypto APIs 2.0 is OpenAPI 3.0 based.

    Please stay tuned for further updates!

  • Payment History & Invoices in your Dashboard

    New Feature

    The new menu under your Dashboard allows you to download your invoices, track your payment history; sort by date, amount, and purchased plan. 

  • Ripple is Live!

    New Feature

    We are glad to announce that Crypto APIs supports Ripple now, we support both testnet and mainnet.
    You can:

    • Get node information.
    • Get block (ledger) by hash
    • Get block (ledger) by height
    • Get address details
    • Get transactions by address
    • Generate addresses
    • Get transaction details by hash
    • Get transactions by block
    • Broadcast transactions
    • Transactions Fees for all types of transactions
    • Webhooks!

    More features are coming soon.

  • New API Endpoint: Cancel ETH transaction

    New Feature

    In case you want to cancel an ETH transaction before it's mined, you can do that by sending exactly the same transaction with higher fee and 0 ETH as value, to make it easier for our customers we have created such endpoint where you can provide the txHash and password or private key and we take care of canceling it for you.

    ETH Mainnet:

  • Estimate Smart Fee for Bitcoin

    New Feature

    You can now use the new endpoint we have and estimate fee for Bitcoin. This endpoint use estimate smart fee functionality from Bitcoin node.

    You can provide (“UNSET” “ECONOMICAL” “CONSERVATIVE”) for estimateMode and a number from 1 to 1008 for confTarget.

    You will get feeRate and blocks.

  • Get address transactions by range

    New Feature

    Do you need to get transactions of an address between 2 certain timestamps? Now you can do that using our new endpoint:

    You can now get transactions between 2 timestamps (date/time). We support this feature for all supported Blockchain protocols.