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  • New endpoints, event type and improvements

    New Feature Improvement

    We are pleased to announce the launch of more new endpoints for interacting with blockchain protocols and getting notified for anything that happens on-chain.

    Here is what’s new:

    Wallet as a Service: Create New Master Wallet

    Through this endpoint customers can easily create a new Master Wallet through the API. The user provides the desired Wallet name and in return the response includes the walletId. 

    When creating a wallet, the customer can select whether to create a Testnet or Mainnet wallet. That new Wallet can be additionally also backed up through the Crypto APIs Dashboard. 

    Improvement: XRP has been as a possible value to endpoint "Create Coins Transaction From Address for Whole Amount"

    Blockchain Webhooks: New Reverted Block

    We are introducing a new event for reverted blocks. By subscribing to this event, customers will receive callbacks from Crypto APIs every time when a block is reverted on a specific blockchain. Reorganization can happen in cases when two blocks are mined at the same time and the nodes cannot agree on which one was first. This occurs as part of the chain reorganization process.

    The endpoint works for Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and BNB Smart Chain (testnet).

    Stay tuned fore more updates!

    The Crypto APIs Team

  • Official deprecation of Ropsten

    As per official information the Ethereum testnet network Ropsten will be deprecated on October 5th 2022.

    To comply with the change a modification has been undertaken for all Crypto APIs products to start using only Goerli as an Ethereum testnet network.  As of now Crypto APIs has stopped supporting the Ropsten network.

  • Ethereum Mainnet Merge to Proof-of-Stake Completed


    The Ethereum mainnet transition to Proof-of-Stake has been successfully completed. The migration happened today, September 15, 2022, after the blockchain reached a terminal total difficulty of 58,750,000,000T at 06:43 UTC.

    All of Crypto APIs products and services are operating flawlessly and we are not experiencing any issues or downtime. 

    Our team has validated the seamless synchronization of data for all of our API endpoints and the Merge is not expected to impact your daily operations. 

    We continue monitoring the network performance and we will update you if necessary.

    The Crypto APIs team

  • New endpoints uploaded to Crypto APIs 🤓

    Last week we uploaded new endpoints to Crypto APIs. See the details below: 

    1. Get Address Balance - receive the balance of a given address based on confirmed/synced blocks. Part of Blockchain data.

    2. Convert Bitcoin Cash Address - convert addresses for the BCH (Bitcoin Cash) protocol from BCH legacy to cash address and vice versa. Part of Blockchain tools.

    Stay tuned with our official Updates page and Social media to be the first one to see what's new with Crypto APIs. 😉

  • Preparing for the Ethereum Merge: Bellatrix Upgrade Announcement


    The Ethereum Merge to proof-of-stake ("PoS") is just around the corner.

    We have upgraded our Ethereum nodes to the latest Bellatrix upgrade in advance to ensure the smooth operations of our customers. You don’t need to do anything on your end and no issues or downtime are expected. 

    Bellatrix is a consensus layer upgrade that is set to occur when the Beacon Chain reaches an epoch height of 144,896, around 11:34:47am on September 6, 2022 (UTC).

    Another upgrade on the execution layer, Paris, will be triggered by a specific Total Difficulty threshold called the Terminal Total Difficulty (TTD) with a value of 58750000000000000000000, expected around September 15, 2022 (UTC). 

    This will mark the official Merge and Ethereum’s transition from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake.

    Stay tuned for more updates on the Merge and our product suite. 

  • Bitcoin Taproot Addresses Now Supported on Crypto APIs

    New Feature

    We are happy to announce that Bitcoin Taproot addresses are now supported in our blockchain infrastructure suite.

    Customers can now get details on blockchain data, including addresses and transaction details for Bech32m addresses.

    Taproot addresses were introduced at the end of 2021 with the Taproot upgrade that aimed to improve privacy and efficiency of the blockchain network. Its impact is expected to become more significant over the years. 

  • KMS Updated SDK Version 0.1.5 Released

    Improvement KMS

    We have released a new and improved version of our Open-source Key Management System (KMS)

    You can check it on our GitHub page

    What’s new:

    • The release includes better descriptions of endpoints and functions and better examples. 
    • We have also removed redundant functionality related to blockchain events. 
    • Bug fixes

    What is Crypto APIs KMS?
    The Crypto APIs KMS is a self custody solution for generating and storing of private keys.  It is an open-source Node.js library providing full control over master private keys, master seeds, and mnemonics. It allows you to create HD wallets (xPubs) and sign transactions locally without a network connection (offline).
    The KMS can be used in combination with Crypto APIs product suite for syncing xPub, deriving wallet  addresses, listing wallet addresses, getting fee recommendations, preparing the transaction with the  right data, broadcasting locally signed transactions. 

  • Dashcoin Mainnet Maintenance


    We are doing performance improvements to our Dashcoin Mainnet node. You may experience some delays in callbacks, webhooks and automations.

    The maintenance is expected to take 1 hour.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding.

    If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] 

  • Unexpected technical issues RESOLVED

    Fix Announcement

    Dear customers,

    Please note that during the past 24 hours we experienced unexpected technical issues. This is an extremely rare occurrence affecting the resilience of the services.

    We would like to inform you that the cause has been identified and the issue resolved. We also want to reaffirm that there is no data loss, however you may experience delays in callbacks.

    We apologize for the disruption and the inconvenience this have caused in your services.


    The Crypto APIs Team

  • Open-source Key Management System (KMS) as part of Crypto APIs 🥳

    New Feature Announcement KMS
    Open-source Key Management System (KMS) is now a part of Crypto APIs! 😎

    As a Node.js SDK library it allows businesses and organizations to have full control of master private keys, master seeds, and mnemonics.

    Check it out on GitHub! 🤓

    For more information view our dedicated KMS website page. 👌

    Stay tuned with our official Updates page and Social media to be the first one to see what's new with Crypto APIs. 😉